About Aoxin

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  • research and development group

    Company research and development center has a number of national patent technology and independent intellectual property rights, is the domestic chitin research center (station) Dr What seemed like a Dr Has a led research and development team, (team in

  • Quality and production team

    An information system that supports the daily business operations of a unit under normal circumstances. It includes production data, production data processing systems and production networks. The production system of an enterprise generally has the fu

  • marketing team

    The company has established a global marketing system with Shanghai Jianben as the center, established many branches in Europe and America, set up global network and storage centers, and strive to provide customers with the best quality service. The co

  • industry-university-research cooperation

    Jiangnan University - the project name is "Preparation of high content glucosamine by biological enzyme method", and the technology is ahead of domestic manufacturers
    Wuhan University - Project name "", has passed the pilot t